Thursday, February 3, 2011

Job Hunting Fun!

I check the paper and websites about every 2-3 days and I just had to share a few of the job requirements I ran across today as they sum up a key difference between here and home. As you'll soon see, there is no fear of not being considered an 'equal opportunity employer' in UAE! :)

(Note: These aren't all training jobs, just the qualifications pulled from a variety I ran across today. And yes, I've copied these word for word from the postings. Enjoy!)

"The ideal candidate should be less that 50 years of age."
"Candidates to be within the age group of 32-38 years."
"A well-groomed person, with highly developed interpersonal skills"
"Age: 30-35 years"
"UAE nationals will be given preference"
"Preference will be given to young, energetic,, single, female Filipino candidates" (my favorite!)

So the job hunt continues. I'm still waiting to get an interview with CCAD (Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi) and just found out their VP of HR just resigned, so I have a feeling I might be waiting a bit longer. Next week I'll follow up on the CVs I sent out as a result of last week's recruitment fair and maybe that will shake something loose. I also applied for an Internal Communications job with a media company this morning - why not? Sounds like it could be a fun job.

In the meantime, I'm trying not to stress about it. We planned for this and I'm trying to enjoy the time I have without a job since those times are few and far between for most of us. I'm starting to create a daily  to do list for myself - even if it's just silly stuff so that at least I have some sort of plan for the day and can feel like I've accomplished something. (Often the list includes exploring a new mall in the city! :)


  1. So I take it your not going to get a good tan, remove your wedding ring and don a dark wig to go for the young, energetic, single, female Filipino position?? haha. Did they even say what the job was for?? haha

  2. LOL! No, but what's funny is that one actually was for an HR assistant position! I don't even want to know ...