Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Job Hunting - Part 2

I had my first interview yesterday with the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi for a Director of Training & Development position. Actually, it turned out to be more of a meet and greet meeting as I was informed that I'm really not qualified for the Director position because I don't have any health care or UAE experience, and they are absolutely right. After hearing more about the position, they really need someone with some existing connections in the UAE and a solid understanding of health care. So, the bad news is I didn't get a job yet, but the good news is that I had a great conversation with the hiring manager who is the Senior Director of Training & Development and she seemed to like me and said she'd love to see me on the team (her concern is that I'm overqualified for the positions she currently has open).

She has a couple of trainer positions open and is going to talk to the head of Patient Experience as she thinks there might be some positions there that might be a good fit. After hearing about the Patient Experience group, I would agree. They work on the non-technical side of things and focus on customer service, communication skills, working with the families, etc. Sounds like that could be very interesting. I remain hopeful that something might work out with them.

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