Friday, February 11, 2011

Abu Dhabi Architecture

Over the past few weeks, I've been collecting photos of the buildings in Abu Dhabi. The architecture is so varied here, it's just amazing. Here are a few of the more interesting buildings.
This is one of the high rise apartment buildings we looked at. The building isn't that unique, but I thought the photo angle was interesting.
We're standing on the steps of the Emirates Palace hotel and these are across the street. I think they might be luxury apartment buildings.
Not sure what this building is - I'm guessing some kind of apartments.

Etihad is the main airline in the UAE - this is their corporate office in Abu Dhabi.
Any guesses what this bright gold colored building might be? ... see below for the answer.
This is actually a dome inside one of the shopping malls. The light wasn't great, so it's hard to see, but those are all stained glass windows ... in a mall!
This is Khalidiya public park in the foreground and check out the interesting building in the background.
Two interesting ones in this photo - notice the tall one is still under construction.
Office buildings?

Did you guess the bright gold building above was a hospital? :)

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