Sunday, January 31, 2016

French Polynesia: Rainy Papeete

Like all good things, our cruise came to an end. Right back where we started in Papeete (pah - pah - aye - tay). It was rainy (which as you know, is fine with us!) and we were scheduled for a 2-hour bus tour before being dropped off at a hotel. Our flight didn't leave until 10pm so we had a hotel room for the afternoon/evening.

The bus tour guide was awful. He talked non-stop for 2 hours, made corny jokes, evangelized his religion throughout the tour and reminded us over and over again that he was Hawaiian. Yikes! But, again, we're still in Tahiti so sit back, enjoy the scenery.

 Black sand beaches. And the sand is really fine - like talcum powder almost or powdered sugar.

Even overcast, it's a beautiful place.

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