Sunday, January 17, 2016

French Polynesia: Life on the Paul Gauguin

We cruised on the Paul Gauguin, which is a small boat by cruise ship standards, holding about 300 guests. Let's take a tour.

Here's a nice view of the ship from one of our ports of call.

And this is how we get to shore - in one of two tenders that haul guests back and forth each day. They are then hoisted up along the side of the ship when we continue on to the next island.

This is one of the decks on the top floor of the ship. Great views even though a little windy. You'll see folks up there walking laps most days. We watched them from our deck chairs. :)

This is our friends' room all set up for their anniversary canapes and champagne. The rooms are quite nice - pretty small as you can imagine, but a nice little balcony. The hardest thing to get used to is the tiny bathroom, especially when the boat is rocking a bit. Makes showers pretty fun.

There are 3 restaurants for dinner: the main dinning room, a fancier reservations restaurant and the one above which is outdoors on the deck. 
Throughout the cruise, we are serenaded and supported by the Gauguines. They run all the craft activities and welcome everyone to the nightly show and play and sing on deck almost every day. They give a nice Tahitian flavor to the cruise.

Here's a nice view of the pool deck. The area past the pool is the restaurant from the photo above. The pool is saltwater and surprising cool. They drain and fill it each day.
Another great view of the boat from another of our island ports of call.

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