Friday, September 27, 2013

Buenos Aires: Teatro Colon

One of our tourist stops was the amazing Teatro Colon. This theater has been around a long time and was recently renovated. We took a tour of the place and got to see the amazing architecture, carpets, paintings and here a little of its history. Unfortunately, they were running a lighting rehearsal for the Marriage of Figaro opera that was performing that evening so while we got to see the actual theater, it was dark. Thanks to our awesome camera and its nightshot setting, we still got a glimpse of how beautiful it is. Here are a few highlights.

 They have their own workshops and make most of the costumes and sets themselves. Some of the costumes were displayed throughout the theater.

 Even the floors were amazing.
Note the three colors of marble on this staircase - yellow, rose and white. Gorgeous!
 One of the reception halls. Way back this was the place to see and be seen by rich Argentinians from Spain, Italy and France. Patrons would come early to mingle before the performance.
 The best view I could get of the side box seats with the lights off. Too bad we couldn't have seen it with the lights on.
The dome inside the theater. In some performances, they put a small group of musicians up here to represent heaven or angels. Can you imagine?

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