Friday, October 4, 2013

Buenos Aires: The Rose House

Another tourist stop during our Buenos Aires visit. Ironically, we also visited a Rose House in Sao Paulo - that one named for the Rose Garden in front of it. But this one is the house of government for Buenos Aires - their white house, if you will. The house is named for the color of the stone it's constructed of.
The president of Argentina works here, but doesn't live here. She travels in every day from her home by helicopter and is then transported in secret car (secret tunnel?) to the Rose House for work. Pretty nice commute, I'll bet. And yes, if you're an Evita fan, this is where she made her famous speech, or as we joked, where Madonna sang Don't Cry for me Argentina - whichever you prefer.

We went on a guided tour of the house, which are run every Sunday and are free to the public.
 This is the inner courtyard garden, complete with a few palm trees and pretty fountain in the center.
 Some of the guards making sure we don't steal the furniture.
 A mural in one of the upstairs rooms. I know he's someone famous in Argentina, but I don't remember the name ... some tourist I am!
 This is called the women's room and is where the president (a woman) makes many of her public addresses. The walls are adorned with photos of important women throughout Argentina's history.
 A better view of the courtyard from the second floor.
 One of the banquet rooms - pretty amazing furniture and furnishings.
 This is a view from the balcony beside the famous balcony. Unfortunately, the famous balcony was closed to the public.
 The gold room. Where they meet dignitaries and hold official functions that require a lot of ceremony. A pretty impressive room for sure.
 And finally, the president's private elevator ... to go up one floor. Guess it must be a slow trip to require a couch! :)

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