Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Buenos Aires: Welcome

Our South American adventure continued with an evening flight to Buenos Aires. This was really the highlight of the trip as our whole purpose was to visit my brother, Kevin, and his husband, Seb. We arrived without any trouble and settled into our new home for the week - a beautiful old building in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires. We rented a one bedroom apartment so we could cook a bit and have some additional room.

Kevin and Seb met us outside our apartment building and the reunion was officially begun! It had been over three years since we'd seen each other and to say we gave each other big hugs, is an understatement.

 Okay, this isn't actually a photo of Kevin giving me a hug, but since it kind of looks that way and always cracks me up, I decided to include it. :)
 Dinner during our Asado (meat dinner is the best translation I can think of).
 My little brothers - such cuties!
One of our last days - a fabulous steak lunch with all the trimmings.

More to come on our specific adventures in the next few posts.

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