Tuesday, July 26, 2016

BREXIT: Brian & Renee's Exit . . . from Abu Dhabi

Sorry for the pun, but with so much drama over the Brexit vote, it seemed fitting. And of course happening just a week before our move had lots of friends and family asking how it would affect us. The truth is we don't know yet, but we're on our way and there's no stopping us!

Our departure was a bit complicated due to a number of factors. I left from Abu Dhabi on an Etihad ticket (and upgraded to business class!). This also allowed me 5 checked bags, which if you've flown lately, you know equates to a pretty large chunk of change. So off I went to Abu Dhabi to board my flight to London.
I was lucky it all fit on one luggage cart!

But of course a seat in business class made it all worth it! And this was on the A380 which I hadn't yet flown. A very fitting farewell journey for our sandbox adventure.

Brian, meanwhile, was departing from Dubai on Qantas. He didn't qualify for an Etihad ticket as my visa was never sponsored by them, so his company put him on Qantas from Dubai. He only had 2 bags, but did have to fly coach so he definitely had the harder journey.

And the cats? They flew kitty class on British Airways out of Dubai. We ended up flying them out of Dubai as our recommended shipper works primarily out of Dubai and the Dubai airport has a dedicated air conditioned pet waiting area (which is pretty important in July!) They, of course, hated the whole adventure and made sure we were well aware of that opinion. Poor little things.

Cats left at 1:30am, Brian left around 2am and I left around 3am. And, after all that, we did end up connecting again in London.

Departing Abu Dhabi, I had all kinds of emotions: excited for the next chapter, nostalgic for the past 5 1/2 years, grateful to be leaving the heat, and nervous about what we might find in the UK. A glass of champagne quickly took care of that and soon I was fully reclined and fast asleep!

And so ends our Abu Dhabi Adventures. I want to say a huge thank you to all of you who read the blog regularly, gave me feedback, asked questions, and prompted me when it had been too long between posts. It's been fun sharing our adventures with you.

And, for those of you who want to continue to follow our adventures, I've started a new blog, Tales from the Rain Puddle, which will share our stories from Bristol, UK.