Saturday, July 2, 2016

Adventure in Seattle: Wine Tasting in Woodinville

Amidst the packing, I decided to take a long weekend break to visit a friend of mine who now lives in Seattle. Brian and I had been to Seattle for our honeymoon 24 years ago so I was excited to see how things have changed.

After meeting my friend and having a wonderful home cooked meal, we decided to do a little wine tasting in the nearby Woodinville area. Beautiful countryside and quite different from wine tasting we have done in other areas of the world.

Most of the wine tasting here is done in warehouse districts, where each winery sets up a tasting room to show off their wines. In other areas, we've actually tasted at the winery itself, so this was a different experience. The bonus was the ability to try a number of different cellars in such a short amount of time. But don't worry, we were too busy catching up on news to stop at too many.

Andrea & I enjoying a little vino. Everyone looks more awesome holding a wine glass, don't you think?

And a perfect day for it - who says it rains all the time? Can't get more crystal clear blue sky than this!

Chateau St. Michele - the biggest  winery in the area (we can even find it in Abu Dhabi!) complete with picnic area and a stage and grounds for concerts. Tears for Fears is coming later this year!

I did get to see some vines after all - such a beautiful day for it.

So clear, we even had a view of Mt Rainier - not a daily occurrence I'm told.

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