Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rome: The Forum & Palatine hill adventure

After the Coliseum, we headed up Palatine Hill and spent some time wandering around the Forum. This area of Rome is some of the oldest and where the rich merchants and government officials lived and worked. The Forum was the heart of the city where people came to shop, worship and socialize. Absolutely amazing to imagine the rich history here, especially coming from Abu Dhabi where the oldest building is about 15 years old!
These fountains were all over Rome and delivered crystal clear cool water. We just had to carry a water bottle and fill up whenever needed. It was awesome!
A view of one of the larger houses on the hill overlooking the Forum.
A back courtyard (see next photo) with an almost perfectly preserved statue of a woman.

 This is a race course for chariot races and other sport events.
Overlooking the Forum from atop Palatine Hill.
If I remember correctly, this is the temple of the Vestal virgins. I really should take a notepad with me on these trips so I can remember!

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