Monday, January 19, 2015

Rome: The Coliseum Adventure

We ended up with 'free' tickets to the Coliseum as part of our Segway tour so decided to go the next day, which was a Sunday. It was actually the first Sunday of the month so the Coliseum was free! Ooohhh, so THAT's why the line was sooooo long. But, it wasn't all wasted as we had 'skip the line' tickets, which allowed us to do just that and be one of the first 10 people into the Coliseum. You'll see as you look at the photos what a huge bonus that really was.
We powerwalked to the top so we could try to get a photo with no people in it. It worked, even through the sun position wasn't cooperating that well. We then walked all the way around to get the full view before the hordes started to arrive.

 This is a view of the tunnels under the coliseum where the animals, gladiators and supplies were kept.

The place is massive. This shows a bit of the stage at the far end that was built to give the idea of how it must have looked. We had a Rick Steve's audio guide with us that explained the huge spectacles that took place here. Unbelievable - like a huge Cirque du Soleil event but with blood and death.
If you look closely in the back left of centre you can start to get a feel of the crowds by the end of our walk.
By the time the sun was in the right place, the crowds were too so I could no longer get photos without tourists. The place was heaving by the time we left! We were really glad to have gone early and have our 'skip the line' tickets.

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