Thursday, March 13, 2014

Patio installation

One of the first projects we started on at the new place was to get the backyard sandpit turned into a patio. The weather right now is perfect in Abu Dhabi and it will only stay that way for another 6-8 weeks so we wanted to make the most of the time we had. The kitties didn't mind so much as all that sand was pretty inviting, but we wanted more than a huge litter box in the backyard.
 As fate would have it, our first day at the new villa, Desert Dreams landscaping stopped by to see if we wanted to enlist their services. They showed us some of the other projects in the neighborhood that they had completed and after some negotiation on price, we struck a deal. They said they could have things done in a week.

It took more than two weeks, due in part to some rainy weather but I think even more so to them over committing themselves, but in the end, we got there and are very happy with the results. We've already used the grill more in the last month than in our combined last 3 years. The weather has been perfect and the patio area is too!

And now I need to close the computer and go outside while I still can! :)

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