Thursday, March 20, 2014

Adventures in Dragon Mart - Part II

So, we got home with our light fixtures, lamp, shower curtain rod and started sorting through our loot.

Only to learn the hard way that we should have double checked all our our boxes before handing over the cash. We found 2 broken light fixture parts and that we bought the wrong color lightbulbs. There are white and yellow - we bought white, but they make the house look like a hospital corridor, they were so bright.

So back to Dragon Mart we went the next day to make the exchanges. This frequency is really not recommended. One needs time to recover from the trauma of Dragon Mart before returning for another onslaught. But we were determined to get some lights installed so off we went.

After once again battling the parking lot, we again had trouble finding the lighting section - good grief we were just there the day before! You'd be surprised is all I can say. Luckily, all the receipts have the store number on them (the name truly wouldn't help much) so we were able to find the right place for the right item (we purchased lights at at least 4 different shops). We got a little grief for not checking the boxes in advance, but overall, not too much trouble - just a lot of waiting while they went to the warehouse to get the replacement item.

We survived the second trip, got everything home and got the electricians to begin installing the lights. (that's another story!)

Brian ended up having to make one more trip to Dragon Mart the following week as we realized that the two identical light fixtures we bought for the living and dining areas weren't so identical after all! One was slightly smaller and took a different size bulb.

We're really hoping that's the last trip for a while.

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