Thursday, December 27, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree, I'm sorry about Petra

I know, I've been a terrible blogger this month. First, we were on vacation in Phuket, Thailand (yes, I'll get to those posts soon!) Then the holidays craziness at work - why does every project that's been behind schedule since July suddenly have to be finished by "year end"? Anyway, back to the blog and a little bit about our Christmas season this year.

For whatever reason, this year has felt much more Christmas-y than last. Not sure if it's because we're a bit more settled and notice more, if there really were more Christmas type things this year or something else, but I was glad of it.

We put up our pathetic fake tree and decorated the house a bit in early December. Real trees are actually available for a few places (like the new Ace Hardware) but they are horribly expensive and just seem ... well ... wrong. Instead, I brought a pine air freshener back from our trip home in September and hung it amongst the fake branches. It lasted all of 2 hours.

Petra and Rogue really like the tree this year as you'll see in the photos. And for my Aunt Kathie, I have bad news. Petra also seemed to take a liking to the snowman you gave us a few years ago - too much of a liking (may he rest in peace, or pieces I guess).

We both worked on Christmas day as it's not a public holiday here, of course. It was a quiet day with probably less than half the staff in the office, which was kind of nice. I brought in some cookies and everyone was in a pretty cheerful mood so not too bad. We missed ALL of you, of course. Living overseas is most of the time a really good gig, but Christmas time is tough and we both get a little homesick. Luckily Skype, email and Facebook keep us from staying homesick for too long.

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year!!

 This is the 'before photo of my cute little snowman table.
 This white table runner HAD cute tassels at either end. Let's just say, they no longer exist! (But don't worry, Kim, we got them before Petra ingested any of the strings.)
 She looks like a little Christmas angel, doesn't she? Don't believe it for a second!
 This is what she was doing 2 minutes after the last photo was taken. And see that blue gift under the tree behind her? Yeah, the next morning, the wrapping was off and scattered around the living room!
 She looks like another little Christmas angel, but I love how the flash is making her eyes glow psycho green.
The CSI evidence of the crime. Poor frosty. Our cleaning lady found it like this and said to us about the cats later that evening. "The big one is nice, but that little one ..."

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