Sunday, December 9, 2012

Athens Adventure: City Bus Tour

After the Acropolis, we decided to take one of those hop on/hop off bus tours to get a taste of the rest of the city.  You get a set of headphones and they narrate the trip so you get a few tidbits of information and an easy way to get from one to the next tourist spot. Here are the highlights.

 Parliament or the Courthouse or some government building.
The Guard uniforms. These "skirts" have 500 pleats in them representing ... can't remember, but they have to hand iron their uniforms. Wearing these uniforms is considered a great honor. Let's just say Greek men are a brave lot.
 This is the first Olympic stadium. The track looks really small.
I know it's poor taste, but I had to - it cracked me up. And no, we didn't use it.
Beautiful sculpture outside the Olympic stadium.
 Another view of the Acropolis and Parthenon.
Christmas! We passed two huge Christmas stores, which was pretty fun to see. Didn't go in, but had a look from the bus.

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