Saturday, August 11, 2012

Villa Carlotta

Another day in Lake Como means another villa to visit. This day's adventure was the Villa Carlotta. Built in 1690, the villa covers 17 acres and has some gorgeous Italian gardens you can wander through. The villa itself is also stunning and now a museum. Like most places in Lake Como, we took the ferry from Bellagio and spent a couple of hours walking through the gardens and visiting the museum.

 A lovely view of the villa from the water.

Sitting outside the villa. The town on the other side is Bellagio where we stayed.

Can you find Brian in this picture? This is the fountain in front of the villa.

How about in this one? Another stop along our walk through the gardens. The day was sunny and warm - perfect!

This view is from inside the villa overlooking the courtyard and fountain in one of the earlier photos.

George Clooney sighting!!  Oh wait, just Brian in a dapper Italian hat. Unfortunately, I couldn't persuade him to buy it, but at least I snagged this photo.

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