Saturday, July 14, 2012

Istanbul: Shopping!

We were sitting in the Milan airport in Italy waiting for our friends to arrive from the US to join us for 2 weeks in Lake Como and Tuscany, and I realized I hadn’t yet finished all my posts from Istanbul. What a rough life when the time between vacations is so short! ;)

On our final day in town, the boat trip idea was dashed due to timing so Brian headed back to the hotel while I wandered a bit to do some shopping. I expected to be able to bargain a bit, but was often met with signs saying fixed prices, no negotiation. A few stores did haggle, but not as much as I expected. No fun or interesting stories to tell really, just some nice photos.

Patient Brian waiting outside the umpteenth shop I visited. After this one, he decided to leave me to visit the rest alone and headed back to the hotel.

A sampling of the gorgeous pottery found all over Istanbul. I bought a small soap dish and a trivet for the kitchen. I’m sure I’ll soon regret not picking up a few more pieces.

Guard cat? Not helping much this particular morning.

One of the sweet shops selling Turkish Delight, Baklava and a thousand other syrupy sugary items. Really beautiful displays and almost every shop gave out samples. YUM!

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