Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Beautiful Buildings in Bellagio

At the risk of having some of you hate me even more, let me describe where I'm currently blogging from ...

The four of us are currently at a quaint little cafe table, just outside our hotel in Bellagio, Italy, which is one of many towns on the coast of Lake Como. It's a balmy 82 degrees with a slight breeze and I've just finished a chocolate chip and creme caramel gelato. Life just doesn't get much better.

Our first day in Bellagio was overcast and a bit rainy in the afternoon, but we didn't much care because we're on vacation and the food and wine are delicious. Here are a few photos of the  buildings near our hotel.

This is the amazing little wine bar we stumbled across (luckily our first day in town). Tiny little place absolutely packed with wine and with the best cheese and cold cuts you can imagine. We've been once, but I'm pretty sure we'll end up back there at least one more time before the week is out.

This is a cute little restaurant not far from our hotel. Haven't eaten there, but thought it looked cute enough for a photo.

This is the view looking up from our balcony at the Hotel Florence. We have side by side rooms and share this amazing balcony that overlooks part of the town and Lake Como. More photos of the hotel in a future post.

Downtown Bellagio. Notice the small cars - very European. Not like the gas guzzling SUVs we've gotten used to seeing in Abu Dhabi.

Check out the flowers outside every window in this place. Flowers everywhere.

And if you liked those flowers, check these out ... really gorgeous!

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