Thursday, June 7, 2012

Roundabouts of the Middle East

The civil engineers in this region must be of European training rather than North American if the number of roundabouts (R/As) are any indication. In the year and a half we've been here (that long already?) we've both learned how to navigate the R/A, and while I still wouldn't say I'm ready for the R/A in Paris around the Arc de Triomphe (the mother of all R/As) I feel pretty confident with them around here.

It's the other drivers you have be cautious of.

But this isn't another "Renee can't drive" post, this is about the creative way the region decorates their R/As. Some of them are really, really cool. Take a look.

 This one is a little misleading - the gold pots are the roundabout and the incense burner is another monument in the background on top of a hill.  I just thought the photo was cool. Below you can see more of the roundabout.

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