Friday, June 22, 2012

Istanbul: The Spice Market and Dinner

After settling into our hotel, it was late afternoon in Istanbul, too late to fit in any of the tourist sites, so we decided to venture out to the Spice Market and have a look around. The Spice Market is an Arabian souk (market) with a whole lot of other junk for sale as well. There is actually a larger souk called the Grand Bazaar, but unfortunately, we ran out of time before we could check it out - next visit. Didn't find a single thing to buy as the place was filled mostly with cheap junk made in China so we just wandered around and took some pictures.

After our wander, we headed out for dinner at one of the rooftop terrace restaurants that are all over the city. Here are few photos of the view.

 Looking out towards the Bosphorus River way in the distance.

 This is Turkish tea served in these beautiful glasses. Tasted a bit like Lipton to me so I'm not really sure if it's a special tea or just the way they serve that makes it 'Turkish'. There was also Turkish coffee available everywhere, as you can imagine, but that stuff was just too strong for us.

This is Turkish Delight, which I'd never tried before. Unfortunately, I loved it! :) It's a sticky gelatin, very sweet and covered in really really fine powdered sugar. This flavor was rose, but you can find it all kinds of flavors like pistacio, coconut, strawberry, lemon and a bunch of others.

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