Thursday, March 29, 2012

Visitor Adventures: Brunch and a lovely walk

My next few posts have two goals: 1) to share the adventures we had with my parents and their friends as they visited Abu Dhabi for the first time, and 2) to invoke enough jealousy in all of you that you decide to come visit too. ;)

To say our visitors were busy would be considered an understatement to some and about right to others. Really depends on how you like to travel and vacation. For our travelers, the motto was "We came here to see stuff, not sit around. What's on the agenda today?" But don't panic if your motto is "We came to relax, not run around all day" because we can accommodate that schedule too.

After a day of settling in and a relaxing dinner at our house, we headed out on Friday for brunch. You've heard me go on about the Friday brunches before, and it's an event that all who visit Abu Dhabi must experience. An all you can eat buffet that runs from about 12:30 until 4:00 in the afternoon (I know, I don't know why they call it brunch either). Here's a small taste of the yumminess.

That's just the desert station, and the frame wasn't big enough to get in the chocolate fountain at the far end. Decadence!

The drink specialty was mojitos, so we tried one of each (well, almost, no one was brave enough to try the sweet chili mojito): traditional, pomegranate, cucumber watermelon, pineapple ginger, strawberry and date. They were all pretty good too.

After eating our weight, we decided a walk would be a good thing and would give our visitors a chance to see some of the city, so we headed off towards the Corniche, which is the road along the coastline and a beautiful place to walk. The sky was relatively clear for this time of year and the temps very comfortable with a decent breeze. Here is a photo of one of the parks we passed along the way. The coffee urns make the entrance to the park.

This is the only photo Brian and I took of the walk, but I'm very sure my Dad (a photo fanatic) probably has about 100. If you see him, ask about his photos only if you've got a few hours to spare! :)

After a nice walk, we caught a taxi back to their apartment and called it a day. The jet lag plus brunch was working it's magic and I think everyone turned in early that night.

We arranged for the 4 of them to stay in a 2 bedroom furnished apartment rather than a hotel. The price per night was cheaper and they had a full kitchen, sitting room and 4 bathrooms and still had housekeeping services each day. A pretty nice setup and one that we can arrange for you too. The best time to visit is November through March. ;)

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  1. Sounds really fun, glad your folks were able to visit.