Thursday, March 22, 2012

Travellers Welcome

As many of you know, my parents and two of their friends are here for 2 weeks getting to know Abu Dhabi. They are not technically our first visitors, but the first that we've taken responsibility for and spent more than a few hours with. My next few posts will be about their adventures and a shameless attempt to entice you to visit us as well!

Part I: Getting Here
Working for an airline has it's perks and my favorite is the fact that I can share my flight discounts with family and friends. For parents and in-laws, I can buy unlimited discount tickets in both economy and business class. For friends and other family, I get 10 tickets each year that I can dole out in any way I'd like. So, for this trip, my parents and their two friends got to fly business class from Chicago to Abu Dhabi non-stop. A 13-hour flight that feels much shorter when you can stretch out in some of the best business class seats in the world, eat and drink whatever and whenever you want, and watch movie after movie (between naps of course!).

And their experience was exactly as we like it to be ... amazing! They were raving about the comfort, the service, the food, and the ease of travel. Jealous? Ready to book your own ticket? Just let me know and remember I only have 8 left so you'd better act fast. ;)

We met everyone at the airport and the flight was on time and the taxi was easy to find and we headed to their home away from home. We set them up in a serviced apartment not far from where Brian works. Unfortunately, our apartment is too small to allow them to stay with us, but the apartment has a full kitchen, 4 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms and a nice size sitting/dining room so they are much more comfortable than had we found hotel rooms.

We had a little snack and then everyone was off to bed to try to get ahead of the jet lag.

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