Saturday, January 28, 2012

Meeting Tiger Woods

Okay, I admit we didn't actually meet Tiger Woods, but we did get to watch him play some golf from about 20 feet away ... and I decided that was close enough to warrant the title. ;)

Thanks to a friend from work, Brian and I got free passes to the HSBC Abu Dhabi Golf Championship this weekend. We're not big fans of golf really. In fact, we know next to nothing about the sport, but it was a beautiful day and Tiger Woods was playing and the tickets were free ... why not?

We decided to taxi to avoid the lines and parking hassle and ended up with a real jerk of a driver who drove past a half mile of lined up cars and butted in about 5 cars from the front. He then started laughing. I told him he was being pretty rude, but was secretly happy we didn't have to wait in line.

We showed our badges and entered the grounds. AD golf club is beautiful and the day was sunny and bright, and really warm. We walked around a bit trying to get our bearings and then realised Tiger and Rory McIlroy were playing right behind us! We snapped a few photos, followed them for a few holes and then headed to the falcon club for some lunch. We had planned to go back out after lunch, but by then we were full, hot and already had our photos of Tiger so decided to head home. I mentioned we're not really golf fans, right? :)

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