Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas in Cape Town: Table Mountain Cable Car

Another blog post, another vacation adventure - not to worry, I'll get back to life in UAE in a few more posts as we now have a 'vacation break' for a few months (unless a random holiday pops up and then, well, we're outta here). :)

Right in the city of Cape Town, you can take a cablecar to the top of Table Mountain. We put this adventure on our list as a maybe and decided to fit it in if time, but not worry if we didn't make it. Well, we did find time and I'm so glad as the views were spectacular as you'll soon see from the photos. Getting there was another story.

The good news is that we bought tickets in advance online, which saved us a good hour wait once we arrived at the Cable Car station. In fact, without the advance purchase, I doubt we would have gotten on at all as we got there quite late in the day and ended up in one of the last cable cars running that night. So, it was an adventure in waiting: waiting for the hotel to get our rental car (yes, if you're counting, this is the 2nd long wait for the rental car from this hotel), waiting in traffic to get to the station and then to park, and waiting in line to get on the cable car (while watching the poor saps in an even longer line waiting to buy tickets - ahhh, the power of the internet).

The cable car ride itself is about 4 minutes and the platform within the car rotates a full 360 degrees during the trip, so there is no jostling for a 'good view' as everyone gets to see everything on the trip up and then down - pretty cool! Once at the top, there are hiking trails, a gift shop and a small cafe. We arrived just before sunset so walked around, took some amazing photos and then got back in line for the trip down. Yes, we spent more time in line than we did walking around the top, but I think you'll agree from the photos that it was worth the wait.

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