Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, O ... wait that's the best you got??

A few weeks ago, we decided to get into the Christmas spirit despite the sunshine and temps in the 80s and look for a tree. Back home, we find a real tree because a) I LOVE the smell, b) there's a tree farm right down the road, and c) what on earth would our cats barf up during the month of December if we didn't get a real pine tree?

As you might have guessed, pine trees are not the norm here in UAE. I did see a few newspaper articles about some 400 trees brought in from Nova Scotia, but really, what's the point? and how on earth do you dispose of the thing? In addition, they were VERY expensive - we think real trees are expensive back home, so to get one here, for us, was a ridiculous idea. Instead, we set off to the hypermarket to find a fake one. Have I told you you can find everything at the hypermarkets? It's UAE's version of Super Walmart without all the scary people ... well, there are a few scary people, but not near as many as Walmart. :)

There were 6 trees to choose from, not counting the bright pink tinsel tree that actually hurt my eyes to look at, and they ranged in sizes from 3ft to 8ft. We ended up with a 6 or 7ft, I think and then picked out some ornaments. These trees are not something to be proud of - they are cheap, plastic and very fake looking, but hey, what's a girl to do in the middle of the desert at Christmastime? The ornaments are equally horrible - plain plastic balls in bright colors, but with no personality whatsoever. We had a tradition growing up that every year my brother and I would get an ornament for Christmas from my parents and/or one of our Aunts so I have a fabulous collection of ornaments, which always made our tree very special as there was a story and a person behind each ornament on the tree. These ornaments from the hypermarket have no story or personality, but I guess you could say that for the first time in my life, my tree looks uniform.

But enough complaining - it's Christmas! We have a tree and it has lights and ornaments and is doing it's part to help put us in a Christmas frame of mind. And, as always, there is a silver lining to this pathetic looking tree ...  no kitty barf! Apparently, Rogue prefers a real tree too.

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