Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jordan Visit - Part III: Getting Lost

For those regular followers of this blog, you may have noticed that Brian and I tend to get lost while on vacation (well, truth be told, I get lost all the time around here too). Jordan was no exception. We had, between us, 3 different maps of Jordan and the night before and over breakfast had looked at all of them to determine the best (fastest) route to the Dead Sea from Petra. And, as usual, we thought we had it figured out ... well ...

We started off fine and the road signs matched the little lines on the map perfectly, and then, in a blink of an eye (or it could have been the distraction of a truck full of sheep) we no longer seemed to be on the same road. But, as is also typical of the Stolls, we were able to find our location and re-route ourselves using a different path (we don't need no stinking GPS!) And, as is also somewhat typical, we enjoyed the new route immensely and perhaps even more than had we followed our original plan.

We ended up winding through the mountains and stumbled across an old castle that was open for visitors. Here are a few pics of the castle and the gorgeous drive.

One of about 8 of these guys hanging around the castle. Why? Never did figure that out - the other 7 were huddled together along the top rampart drinking tea ... maybe they take shifts guarding the castle from tourists!

Here are some of the other warriors drinking tea and gossiping.

Our first glimpse of the Dead Sea.
So once again, we proved the road less traveled is the one more interesting. :)

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