Thursday, June 30, 2011

Job Hunt Update

It's been a productive week on the job hunt front I'm very happy to report. Last week, while in Dubai, I met with a Recruiting firm who has a Training Manager position available in Abu Dhabi. They have passed along my resume and I now wait to hear if I've got an interview. This week I had two interviews with two different and very nice companies. Both positions are focused on leadership development. 

The first interview in Abu Dhabi (I'm leaving out company names and position titles so as not to jinx myself! Superstitious, I know, but I don't want to take any chances. :) went really well and came about through the husband of one of the friends I've met over here. He passed along my CV to the Learning & Development department and the timing was right as they are considering some new positions to review and revamp their leadership development programs. I hit it off with both interviewers and the company has many similarities to TDS, which I really liked. They let me know that things were still in the early stages so I probably wouldn't hear back for a couple of weeks. ... THE NEXT DAY one of their recruiters called me back and said they were interested in offering me a position!! Now I'm waiting for the final job description and specific job offer to consider, which should be coming early next week. They liked me, they really like me! :)

The second interview was in Dubai and also went well. This position is a Director level and overseas leadership development, customer service and sales. I applied for this job through the internet last Friday and was contacted by a recruiter on Sunday who passed along my CV and then scheduled for an interview on Wednesday this week. The speed with which this all happened got me pretty excited. The interview went well and the company and building are pretty impressive. The interview room was on the 36th floor with a breathtaking view overlooking the Gulf! WOW! For this job, I'm working with a recruiter so she is doing all the negotiating on my behalf. She called me back a few hours after the interview and said they'd like to see me for a second interview next week! My goodness, when it rains it pours!

If all goes well, I hope to have two job offers to consider, which would leave me with a difficult decision to make. And what a great problem to have!!

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