Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Few Random Photos

I've been collecting a few photos that don't make a whole post on their own, but might be interesting as a group.

Here's a photo of our car! ... okay just kidding, we saw this in one of the showrooms and couldn't resist snapping a picture. Our car is actually the next one.

Took these outside the Heritage Village, which we still haven't seen because we keep going when they are closed ... one of these days. These are date palms and all of them around the city are ripe with clusters of dates almost ready to be harvested.

Here are a few of the apartment compound. This first one is taken while I'm standing just outside our villa building. And, yes, it was pretty noisy for a while (they've since finished with the foundation pounding at least). Rumor has it they're building a little shopping mall there. Okay, I'll put up with the noise and dust for another mall! :)

I realized I hadn't yet posted any photos of the pool area, so went out that same morning and snapped some. This is the pool which is really nice and not so busy that you can't enjoy yourself. The only trouble is it isn't chilled (yes, they have chilled pools here instead of heated ones!) so it's really not that refreshing unless you go early in the morning or in the evening. I've spent a fair amount of time out here and have the darkest tan I've ever had in my life! (Which is to say I no longer glow in the dark. :) The dark area at the far end is the door to the gym. And the next photo is the little kids play area with sprinklers that you can turn on and off.

And, the post wouldn't be complete without a few photos of our kitty, Rogue, so here she is on her latest lookout spot ... on the window sill, which is only barely wide enough for her, in our bedroom.

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