Saturday, May 21, 2011

Job Hunting Update

After a very long couple of months with literally no responses to my numerous job applications, it looks like things might be moving forward again. (Gosh, I hope this post doesn't jinx me!!) The good news has always been that there continues to be jobs posted on the internet that are of interest. I send out probably between 3-5 CVs each week to various positions in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Some of them I'm perfectly qualified for and others I'm missing 1-3 requirements but send my resume in anyway as you never know where the hiring manager will need/be willing to compromise.

The problem was, I wasn't hearing back from ANYONE, and I have to say the silence was doing a number on my confidence. Then I started talking to a few others in my boat and realized things don't move quickly in UAE and just because I'm ready to go to work doesn't mean the perfect job has been sitting there waiting for me. So, I tried to relax, enjoy the fact that I'm not working and explore the city, meet some new friends and just calm down. I tried to bake homemade bread (not a successful adventure), went kayaking (fun), learned to play Mahjong (very fun and met some awesome new friends), and have cooked dinner most nights (mixed results! :)

Over the last two weeks, things seem to be looking up. First, I asked our friend Eli to look over my resume and give me some feedback. He's a very successful businessman in this area and had some good suggestions to improve my CV. Then I redid all my profiles on the job boards, which refreshed my information and put a greater emphasis on my leadership experience. Maybe it's just coincidence, but I think this may have helped my CV get a bit more exposure ... or maybe it's all just lucky timing.

So here's what's currently in the hopper:
* Interviews with Emirates Airlines at the end of May
* My CV was passed on to an equipment leasing company
* My CV was passed on to a luxury retailer
* My CV was passed on to Emirates NBD bank in Dubai
* and I met with a recruiting agency who gave me some good pointers on salary negotiation and are now looking out for potential opportunities.

Nothing is solid or all that promising yet, but at least there's some activity again, which makes me feel a whole lot better. I'll keep you posted and please continue to wish me luck!

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