Tuesday, May 17, 2011

39.99 plus shipping & handling

One of my college friends from way back posted this on her Facebook wall just after her 40 something birthday, and I have decided to steal it. Instead of thinking of myself as over 40, for the next few years I'm 39.99 plus shipping and handling ... in a few more years maybe I'll add sales tax. :) Yes, all this is to say I had a birthday last week and like all birthdays at this age, it was pretty much just another day.

Actually, it was Wednesday, which is kind of a bummer day for a birthday anyway because it's in the middle of the week. It also happens to typically be my least busy day of each week, so I had nothing planned. I ended up spending the day on some laundry, brownie baking (oh, and the BEST BROWNIES EVER, I'm not kidding!) and then caught up on some American TV courtesy of Hulu. Not very impressive, I know.

Brian came home and we headed out to the Intercontinental for a wine and cheese event they host every Wednesday. We both love wine and love cheese, so what more perfect way to celebrate getting older?

The first part of the adventure was to find the Intercontinental, which is a huge hotel complex on 30th street. Easy right? We've passed it a couple of times while driving so had a general idea of where it was located, but didn't know exactly where to turn and how to get in to the hotel itself. So after trying to find it by looking for a familiar landmark, I pulled out our Abu Dhabi map (NEVER leave home without it). I saw the road sign for 13th street, found it on the map and directed us in the right direction ... and then the roundabout on the map wasn't where it was supposed to be ... then the turn for 30th street was missing too. After a couple more U-Turns and a few choice words, we figured out that I had found the WRONG 13th street on the map. Remember that post about confusing street signs? Once we figured out what I had done wrong, we quickly got back on track and found the hotel.

We had the valet park our car (have I mentioned that ALL the hotels have free valet parking?) and stepped inside to find the Piano lounge. All the tables were full, which was a good sign, but also meant we'd have to wait for something to become available. We decided to check out the other restaurants in the hotel, but ended up coming back to wait. We got a table outside while we waited - yep, it's getting hotter so tables outside are easy to come by these days. :) We got our first glass of wine and then a table inside became available, so luckily, we didn't sweat too much.

They had 3 types of white and 3 types of red to choose from so we made our choices and then headed to the cheese table. I would guess they had at least 25 different kinds of cheese on this table, and they were really good ones too. Let's just say, a dinner of cheese was right up our WI Dairy alley. About 8:00, someone started playing jazz piano, which was nice, and the best part is that we didn't have any smokers nearby!

So all and all, a pretty good birthday .... and worth the shipping and handling charges. :)

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