Friday, April 8, 2016

Sharm El Sheikh: And the snorkeling was great too!

After two days of diving, we stayed at the resort on day 3 and did some snorkeling and relaxing instead. We snorkeled just off the best of the resort with fairly low expectations and were very happily surprised. Just off the dock was some of the best snorkeling we've ever done. Really interesting terrain, crystal clear water and lots and lots of fish to watch. We were in heaven.

That is, once we got past the gauntlet. The ladder is situation in a relatively shallow area and then you swim under the ropes to get to the good stuff. However, a banner fish must have some babies there because we were both harassed by the little guy until we got far enough away. The aggressive little dude swam right up to Brian's mask making mean fish faces! Pretty fun to see a fish no bigger than your hand act like he's going to kick your a..

So a bit of snorkeling, some sun, a nice lunch and we were fully relaxed . . . and covered in mosquito bites. I seriously looked like I had the measles. Luckily they didn't itch too much,  just created really attractive spots that lasted almost a week! Ah, the price of a great vacation.

The beach. You can see how deserted it is. I think we saw 4 other groups and were there for at least 4 hours.
 These are the party barges that show up from about 12-1:30 just off the beach at our resort. They take advantage of the calm inlet and great snorkeling.

Not a bad view for lunch.
I wasn't joking about the mosquito bites. Okay, yes, some of those are freckles but I seriously looked like I had the measles!

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