Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cairo Adventure: The Architect’s tomb

Sherif could see that we were interested in learning about the culture and not just snapping photos (like the Asians – his words) so he took us to a small tomb that was said to have housed the architect of many of the pyramids. This was the only place we saw hieroglyphics and carvings and despite the signs, we were allowed to take photos.

And because we were slightly farther away from the hordes of tourists, we also started to get mildly hassled. Lots of kids would come and ask “selfie?” and want to take your picture with them. We had been warned earlier by Sherif that “nothing in Egypt is free. They will ask to take picture and then ask you to pay” Thanks for the tip, Sherif, saved us all a lot of hassle. The nice thing, however, was that a simple no, thank you usually worked. Maybe that’s because Sherif was always nearby?

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