Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Doha Adventure . . . or maybe not?

Another long weekend - Hijri New Year this time - so, of course, we planned to jet off somewhere. As it was only 3 days and we had just been to Madrid, we decided to stay in the Gulf and visit Doha, Qatar. We'd actually been there in 2011, our first year in Abu Dhabi, and thought it would be fun to see how much the city had changed in almost 5 years.

But, the travel gods had other plans for us.

We had booked ID90 tickets, which means they were at a 90% discount (I know) but standby tickets. I had checked the "load" the day before and there were still 26 seats available so I figured our chances were pretty good. We arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare, pitched up to the counter and I handed over my passport.

And Brian fumbled in his bag for his passport.

And fumbled some more.

And then looked at me with the most pitiful big brown eyes I've ever seen and said, "I think I left my passport at home."  Now, home, for us, is a 45 minute drive one way from the airport so there was no way we were going to make that flight. The check in agent, seeing potential impending divorce said to me, "It's okay madam, the flight is really full so you probably wouldn't have got on anyway."

We laughed and headed to the carpark to make alternative plans for the weekend. And yes, we're still happily married, but you can bet there will be some extra nagging before our next trip!

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