Sunday, July 26, 2015

Moroccan Adventure: Getting to Marrakech

Back in May, we took a short weekend trip to Morocco. We were supposed to have a 3 day weekend holiday, but that changed last minute as can happen here when the holidays are based on the lunar calendar. But we had our tickets and our plans so we went ahead and took the vacation days. Our goal was Marrakech, but the airline I work for only flies into Casablanca so we decided to take the 3-hour train from Casablanca to Marrakech, spend a day and a bit in Marrakech and then fly back to Casablanca for our flight back to Abu Dhabi.

The flight to Casablanca was great as always (business class perks are so nice!!). We managed to get some good sleep, which was helpful. It was an 8 hour flight from Abu Dhabi and left at 3am. We arrived in Casablanca around 7:30am or so and then got on a 10:00 train to Marrakech. The train itself wasn't that great but it was nice to see the scenery along the way. A bit hard to get a good photo, but here are a few shots.

When we arrived, we headed to our Riad, which is the local traditional accommodation. They are original houses that have been converted into B&B type lodging. Getting there was an adventure as we couldn't be sure who to trust and who was trying to get some money out of us! The Riad was in the center of the market area so lots of pushy vendors selling all kinds of stuff. And of course, we look like gullible rich tourists so we were hassled A LOT. We asked for some directions, which was our first mistake, and then were followed all the way to the door where the man asked for money for being our 'guide'. Our first rude awakening that we weren't in polite, respectful Abu Dhabi anymore.

But then we entered the tranquil central courtyard of our Riad, were served some fresh strawberry juice and a few snacks and all was well again. Here are a few photos of the Riad.

Our room for the weekend.
The bathroom tile and metal sink were amazing
Too hot for sunbathing, but a cute little area on the roof
A view of the inner courtyard
My favorite spot on the roof where we had breakfast each morning.

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