Monday, May 25, 2015

Margaret River Discovery Tour

Margaret River is gorgeous! Woods, caves, beach, wine country - all within driving distance of one another. And it's fall so the colors are changing, the air is crisp and cool and life is good. We've been to a number of different wine regions in our travels, so wanted something a bit different from a traditional wine tasting tour. Stumbled across the M/R Discovery Tour and were so glad we did.

We started the 'tour' with a canoe trip on the Margaret River. So peaceful - the water was like glass.

 Next stop was a cafe in Prevelly for a quick coffee and a look at Surfer's Point beach. Some of the world's greatest surfing competitions are out on that breakwater.

And kangaroos!! We saw them everywhere! In the fields sunning themselves, among the grape vines, we were in heaven.
We also stopped at a waterfall which had just started running the day before due to all the rain. I guess Mother Nature was feeling bad about us missing our trip to Rottnest Island and decided to make it up to us. The waterfall was gorgeous.
We then went to lunch at a winery that isn't open to the public - a very private tour and a wonderful lunch right in the working winery.

And our final stop was the Cape to Cape hiking trail. Amazing views and the weather was absolutely perfect. Crisp, cool and bright and sunny. What a day!

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