Sunday, November 30, 2014

Starting our Munich Christmas Adventure

First an apology for my loyal readers - I have been busy, I mean lazy. And while I'd like to promise that I'll get back on track and blog regularly from here on out, I'm not sure that's a promise I can keep. In any case, I'll try my best to keep you up to date on our Munich adventure while here.

Why Munich you ask? This adventure started in May on my birthday. I don't remember exactly why, but I decided that for my birthday I wanted to plan a Christmas trip for the first week of December (National holiday so a good time to take a week off while only using 3 vacation days). I had 3 requests: 1) I wanted to see some snow, 2) I wanted to experience proper Christmas spirit, and 3) I wanted to try out FIRST class.

So, onto the flight booking system to see what was available and up pops Munich. Christmas markets - check; First class seats available - check; snow? - hmmm, maybe cold enough but doubtful. I decided 2 out of 3 was good enough and convinced Brian who reluctantly agreed. (He wasn't as excited about the cold weather idea for some reason.)

First class is a dream - seriously, we should all get to travel this way all the time.  Too bad that even with my discounts, it's expensive as heck! Here are a few photos so you can also enjoy the experience.
In the airport. Yes, we were that geeky couple taking a selfie with our first class tickets. What a bunch of losers!
On board and Brian hanging his jacket in his own personal closet. Makes the dress code of a jacket worthwhile when you get your own closet!
It's like you're own little living room on board when you've got the two middle seats like we did. There's even a privacy panel in case you're not traveling with your neighbor  (or I suppose in case you've had enough of your spouse!)
Big comfy leather seats that recline flat so you can get a nap in.
A welcome box of chocolates! Yes please.
And welcome on board dates and Arabic coffee.

And what I didn't get a photo of are:
  • The set of lounge wear - pullover shirt and pants and slippers that you can wear during the flight so your own clothes don't get wrinkled. We didn't bother as it was a day flight but are using them now as PJs!
  • The amenity kit with toothbrush, mints, lip balm, face cream, hand cream and sleep aid lavender scented oil.
  • The noise cancelling headphones that are so good you have to take them off when they bring you your food and drink or you can't hear anything!
  • And the food and drink? You have your own first class chef that will pretty much prepare whatever you'd like and make recommendations. We made sure we ate twice on our 6-hour flight so we could try breakfast and lunch!
Clearly we arrived in style!

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