Friday, September 5, 2014

Prague: Jazz Boat tour

Opportunities to hear live music are abundant in Prague. Our first night, we attended a Mozart Opera dinner with a small quintet, soprano and tenor. Most other nights, we stumbled across someone in the street playing this or that. There is music everywhere! This night, we went on the Jazz Boat, which is a dinner cruise with live jazz. We were inside so some of my photos have a glare, but you'll get the idea.
The boat leaves shortly before sunset and runs about 2 hours - plenty of time to enjoy dinner, the view and the jazz.
Here's a shot of the band. They have a different group every night and you can see the schedule when you reserve the tickets. We wanted to have a band and not a singer. They were really good!
And of course, the best part was to see Prague from the river.
Charles Bridge.
No idea what the penguins are about, but they were so cute I had to take a photo.
The glare is bad on this one, but it was the best I could manage. I put the camera away at this point since the photos weren't turning out anyway and just enjoyed the music, the food and the company.

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