Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Budapest: Segway Adventure

We've become addicted to segway tours. If you haven't been on one, you must try it. This was our second one and we loved it as much as the first. Our guide, Tamas, was very corny and had us playing a quiz show throughout the tour, but it actually helped us remember a few things, so that was a bonus. I didn't get too many photos as you need both hands for a segway, but here are a few when we hopped off.
This is a view just down the street from where we started. The structure in the distance is the St. Stephan's Basilica, which you'll see from the front in the photo below. St. Stephan brought Christianity to Hungary and sent out lots of missionaries to convert the rest of the population.  
The Basilica is one of the very few Christian churches NOT to have a statue of Mary or Jesus. Instead, there is a statue of St. Stephan (sounds like he was pretty proud of himself). Supposedly, the church also houses his mummified right fist (lovely). We plan a trip inside today or tomorrow so more to come as we explore. You are supposed to be able to go up into the dome so we're looking forward to catching some great views of the city.
This building has no historical significance, but it looks really cool. It's one of the few not restored so it provides a nice contrast to the cleaned up buildings next to it. Apparently this one is owned by the government and those around by private foundations or groups.
Yep, that's Ronald Regan and  behind him is the Hungarian Parliament building, which you'll see in a future post. Ronnie is actually walking towards the American Embassy building and past one of only 2 statues left from Communist Russian rule in Budapest.

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