Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Seychelles Adventure: A day of leisure

Okay, okay, every day on vacation is a day of leisure, but this last day of our stay was even more so. We decided to visit an island resort for the day - have some lunch, hang by the beach and do absolutely nothing. Then head to the airport straight from there. It was a very lazy and perfect ending to a great vacation. A few photos in no particular order.
As we were sipping drinks on the beach, we saw this helicopter land and pick up a couple. We're pretty sure it was Beyonce and Jay Z or maybe ??? someone famous for sure!
The gorgeous view from the beach. We could see some of the other islands across the water.
The view from the other side of the resort overlooking yet another island of the Seychelles. The water in front it actually the hotel pool - the ocean wasn't quite that turquoise. :)
More beach ...
And … of course the drinks hut. We practically had our own private bar tender as there were only a few of us on the beach.

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