Monday, January 13, 2014

Vietnam: Wedding Photos

When visiting the Opera House in Saigon, we noticed lots of wedding couples taking photos. Now, it is a huge population, but it still seemed like a lot of couples and we saw them every single day we walked past the Opera House. We found out through our various tour guides that the tradition is actually that the bride and groom take photographs well before the wedding so they can display the photos at the celebration. So all these couples we saw, weren't yet married!

And yes, we asked about how many get cold feet after the photo shoot and were told it's not that common as marriages are not arranged in Vietnam and they need to book venues up to a year in advance so most couples are pretty solid by the time they get to the wedding shoot, which is typically about one month prior to the ceremony.

This last couple is in more traditional Vietnamese dress, rather than the western puffy white dresses that have become popular in Vietnam. I promised they looked a bit happier before I snapped the photo! :)

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