Friday, August 30, 2013

Sao Paulo: Trianon Park

As we were walking down one of the busiest streets in Sao Paulo (Avenida Paulista), we stumbled across Trianon Park.  A beautiful place with lots of trees, wide walking paths and tons of benches. It was a welcome respite from the crowded, dirty city so we strolled a bit and took some pics.
This statue is at the entrance of the park and is of one of the most famous bandeirantes of Sao Paulo. The bandeirantes were men who captured slaves for the immigrants moving into the area. Bad men.  
One of the entrance areas of the park. You can see how wide the paths are and the benches all along for people to sit and enjoy. This was a Thursday afternoon so not very busy. We went in again on Sunday and there were a lot more people.
Not quite sure what the structure is - maybe maintenance?
I like this shot because you can see the city skyscrapers through the trees. In the middle of the park you start to forget you're in a big city, but along the edges, you are reminded.
Another structure inside the park. Perhaps another maintenance shed of some kind.
There were statues throughout the park to enjoy.

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