Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sri Lanka: Shopping

Our final adventure of the trip was a little shopping. We visited a local market where Brian ordered some custom made shirts and I found a couple of silk scarves for next to nothing. Here are a few of the pics.
 Local market similar to the markets we've seen all over the world. Crammed stalls selling everything you can imagine.
 This photo gives you a better sense of how crowded the aisles are.
 On this hillside you can get a glimpse of the 'tuk tuks' which are the taxis of Sri Lanka. They are kind of like 3-wheeled golf carts and they are everywhere.
Here's Brian with our driver for the day. His ancestry is a mixture of Sri Lankan and Scottish so he spoke English very well and had a scottish name like MacSteven or something that. He chattered away the whole trip and took us to the "best place" for whatever we were looking for. At the end of the trip, he gave me a hug, which was surprising after the strict culture in Abu Dhabi. We wondered if maybe we had been 'taken for a ride' and that's why he was so grateful. :)

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