Friday, May 10, 2013

Thai Cooking Class

The resort offered a cooking class complete with a trip to a local Thai market. I took some photos of the market, but was too busy cooking to get any photos of the class. Made some really yummy stuff that we've already tried again at home. A very fun experience. And, we found out our chef lived and worked in Dubai at one of the hotels for a few years - such a small world!
 This is our chef showing us a concoction of fish oils and spices they use for flavor.
 Thai take out - just cook this up with a little curry and voila!
 And here's the curry.
 Beautiful basket 'o chilies
 Our chef taught us how to tell if the fish was really fresh - clear eyes and pink underneath the gills. Unfortunately, most of the fish he showed us wasn't all that fresh. Fortunately, the resort doesn't purchase their fish from this market.
 Fresh shrimps (do you know I think we're  the only ones who say shrimp - around the world, we see and hear them called shrimps) are clear in color - once they start to turn pink, they are going bad.
 I'll be honest, I stopped paying attention because I don't need to know what a fresh squid or octopus looks like ... cuz I ain't never gonna cook one!
Yes, baby octopus. Ewwwww.

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