Saturday, September 29, 2012

African Adventure: More animals in Masai Mara

Part two of the animals we saw while on safari in Masai Mara, Kenya.

 A small herd of zebra munching right outside the entrance to our camp. I always thought they were more like horses, but they are the size and shape of donkeys - with really cool stripes.

 HUGE crocodile. The picture doesn't due his size justice, but trust me, he was BIG.

This is a Topi, also called a Gnu. The largest of the antelope family in Masai Mara.

 The circle of life in this photo - a vulture standing in the ribcage of a dead wildebeest.

 Wasn't even expecting to see Ostrich, but we saw them a couple of times during the three days.

 This is a hyena. We saw quite a few the last day hauling around a carcass of a dead wildebeest. The best part was we even got to hear one "laugh" - very strange sound.

 Another shot of a cheetah. So regal.

One of the little baby Thompson gazelles. So cute! We saw lots of herds of these little guys throughout the trip.

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