Thursday, May 31, 2012

City Curb - 1; Renee - 0 - Part I

I'm guessing some of you will start to think I'm making things up, but I swear, every blog story is completely true and only embellished a little to make things entertaining ... well, except that post about getting arrested last year, but that was an April Fool's joke and doesn't count.

So yes, I've had another exciting Abu Dhabi Adventure, this time involving our car and a city curb. Have I mentioned the curbs here? There are no standards ... at all. Some of them look just like the ones back home, some of them are almost level with the road and can hardly be called a curb at all and some are close to 2 feet high (not embellishing). It was one of those monster curbs that caused all the ruckus this week.

It was Sunday evening and I had stopped into the local supermarket to pick up a few things and drop off my dry cleaning. The place was busy, per usual after work, and the cars in the lot were doing the usual - leaving me very little room to back my car out to head home. I backed out and CRUNCH, I hit the curb behind me. An expletive or two later and I maneuvered around the truck waiting for my open space and headed home - wondering what kind of damage I had done to the bumper. (sigh) Brian was going to be so pleased.

Unfortunately, I also had talk radio on so got distracted by a story and when I got home, I grabbed the groceries and headed into the apartment without even looking at the damage.

Then it was time for my yoga class at a nearby hotel so I jumped in the car and headed out. And then noticed the noise ... coming from what seemed like the back right muffler area ... oh boy. When I reached my destination, I took a look and sure enough, I had 'smushed in' (technical term) the back right muffler. Dang it!

When I got back home, I had Brian take a look and I think his response was something like, "bleep, bleep, bleepity, bleep" but don't quote me. Neither of us went to bed very happy and the next day I had to figure out how to get it fixed.

Stay tuned for Part II ... City Curb - 2; Renee still 0

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