Sunday, April 29, 2012

Visitor Adventures: You're leaving already?

As I hope you can tell from the previous posts, we had a great time with my parents and their friends and had many adventures. So, it was a surprise when all of a sudden it was time for them to leave. I'd gotten used to making the drive downtown after work to have dinner with them, and enjoying long weekends of tourist adventures - it wasn't time to leave already, was it?

Well, it was. So our last evening together, we ordered some yummy mixed grill and reminisced about all the adventures of the past two weeks. Everyone had packed up all their Arabic goodies, passports were out and ready and the suit coats were out (business class dress code for staff travel flight discount).

It was an awesome trip and so nice to share our new 'home' with family and friends. And don't forget, the offer stands if you'd like to experience these adventures first hand. As the Abu Dhabi tourism board says ...
The photos below are of the Burg Al Arab, a 7 Star hotel in Dubai. We didn't actually visit the hotel (you can't without a reservation), but did have a few opportunities to get some nice photos of it from a distance. These two taken from the Jumeirah souk while we were eating dinner.

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