Thursday, March 3, 2011

A few things I could do without

Earlier in the week, I posted my 10 favorite things about Abu Dhabi, and I'm sure some of you were thinking, "okay, but what about the flip side?" Well yes, there are a few things I'm still getting used to, but am happy to report that the dislike list is much shorter. Here are a few things that come to mind.

1. Sand Storms
Walking along, enjoying the breeze and all of a sudden it picks up and smacks you with a bunch of sand and grit. (It's really a pain when you're wearing lip gloss! :) These 'storms' and the heat are two reasons I decided to stop the plan to grow my hair out and cut it short again. I think it's the season - sounds about right that when we'll most need the wind (i.e. 120 degrees) it will die down. All the blowing sand makes our patio pretty dirty too, not to mention all of it that gets in the house whether you have the windows open or not. Let's just say I do a lot of dusting and sweeping.

2. The lack of mid-range stores
Oh, what I wouldn't give for a Target and a Kohl's right now. It seems like everything is either Wal-Mart quality and price or Chanel Designer quality and price. A good middle of the road would be much appreciated.

3. Construction and resulting dust & noise
There is truly construction everywhere! And as a result, lots of noise (thank goodness they don't start until 7am!) and of course, more dust and grit. The other annoyance it creates is having to walk around or through it all the time. For example, today I got off the bus in basically a sand pit (in my new shoes no less) and had to tramp through to the other side of the street where the sidewalk was complete. Sand in your shoes is even worse than sand in your lip gloss!

4. The lack of a dryer
I'm trying, but this is going to take some serious getting used to. Scratchy socks and towels are my top complaints resulting from no dryer. We may have to figure out a way to make this work. And yes, I know this one really sounds like whining, but your clothes and towels really are a lot softer out of the dryer.

I honestly think that's about it. I'll probably think of a few others, but the fact that I really had to think hard to come up with a list at all is a pretty good sign, I think.

And a few other tidbits just to keep you updated:
  • I had my third interview with the transportation company today and was there for almost 4 hours! I'm feeling pretty positive at this point, but who knows, there could be 5 other candidates doing the same thing. It would be a very challenging job as they are trying to revamp the entire culture from ground zero, but it would be an interesting challenge and something to be really proud of when progress is made.
  • Brian got home a bit earlier than usual and took me to Marks & Spencer to pick up my new suit (I know, he's a keeper!) so I didn't have the wear the same outfit to today's interview! :)
  • Progress is being made on the pool, BBQ and gym areas. The BBQ area/kid play area looks almost complete and they've installed some picnic tables. The pool now has sun chairs with umbrellas and a lifeguard chair (no lifeguard yet though). The gym looks the same (no equipment) but I'm hopeful. :)


  1. HI, I came across your blog while doing a search on Al Seef Compound in AD. My hubby and I are also in the process of doing the paperwork and will hopefully be able to movie in to the 2br by the end of March. Hope you are liking it there and welcome to Abu Dhabi.

    How long did it take for Etislalat to connect your internet? I'm also a bit concerned about the refrigerator being in the cabinet, but we'll see how it works, and the thought of giving up my current dishwasher and condenser drier is not too appealing...but the outdoor space and the open concept should make up for it:)
    Hope you continue to settle in:)

  2. Hi SM - Glad to meet a neighbor! Etisalat took about 4 working days to get us connected. We signed up at the main office on a Wednesday evening, I think and had service by the following Tuesday. I had to be present for the installation, which took maybe 90 minutes or so?? The service works great - my husband says our residential service is faster than what he has at work! We've been pleased so far.

    The fridge in the cabinet hasn't been as annoying as I expected actually - just something to get used to, and you've seen my comments about the dryer ... jury is still out on that one! :)

    Welcome to the neighborhood - please look us up when you get settled. My email is Best wishes for your move!

  3. Thanks Renee! For now we're keeping our fingers crossed that all the paperwork will go through and we will actually move in soon. Thanks for your email, I'll definitely be in touch once we move in:)